Front Row Plugins

These are plugins that allow you to launch other applications from within Apple’s Front Row.
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Latest Plugins (Snow Leopard & Leopard) (Intel only)

These plugins were written from scratch in Objective-C to work in Snow Leopard (they also work in Leopard not sure about previous versions). They are still being worked on and are the only plugins I’ll be making updates to.

How to Install

Installation is fairly simple. The plugin is provided in a DMG file. Simply open the DMG and drag the plugin icon (on the left) to the Plugins folder (on the right). This will copy the plugin to the appropriate directory. Since this directory is protected you will be prompted to authenticate with an administrator password.

If you don’t see the plugin show up when you run FrontRow then FrontRow was probably already loaded in memory. To ensure the plugin is noticed run the following command via the Terminal

killall Front\ Row

Currently the application you are trying to launch must be in /Applications. If you want it somewhere else you will need to have a symlink in /Applications. If the plugin tells you it can’t find the application this is most likely the problem.

Getting Updates

This page is where you will find the latest plugins. To find out when new versions are released you can either check my blog or follow me on twitter (@stealthv).

Help, Requests, etc.

If you have a problem, request or suggestion feel free to contact me on twitter (@stealthv) or send email to stealth AT

How to Uninstall

If you decide that you want to uninstall the plugin you will have to remove it by hand. The plugins are stored in the following location on the system.


You will have to navigate to that directory and delete the plugin. The plugin is a directory that ends in .frappliance. Just remove the entire directory. If FrontRow is already loaded the plugin will continue to appear until it is restarted. See the install instructions for how to do that.

Older Plugins (Leopard and below) (PPC or Intel)

These are my older plugins that were based on FrontPython. They do not work in Snow Leopard and I have no plans to improve them. They are just offered for those that need the older version for some reason.